About us

Ever been stuck with a gift idea? Ever spent hours trekking around stores talking to sales assistants never finding what you’re looking for? Ever watched in anticipation as someone open the present you gave them, to see a look of disappointment flash across their face? Have you ever been that disappointed face?

At ohme-ohmy we want to abolish that disappointed face and bring back the pleasure of the gift. Our website aims to bring a whole Santa sack full of gift ideas to the comfort of your arm chair or office desk. Sometimes in life we just don’t have the time to while away the hours looking for the perfect gift. That is what is so good about us! We do it all the leg work for you. Sometimes we genuinely just are stumped for gift ideas – what do you get someone who has it all? Again we do that for you. Our aim is to research gifts of all varieties whether classy, novelty, toy or serious and present all that information in our blog so you can just click your mouse to get to the website of your chosen gift. We are your one stop shop for gift shopping for all the family whatever the occasion. You don’t even need to get out of your pyjamas!



This famous publication is issued every quarter and is seen as a key to the gift and homeware buying business. This magazine is bright and glossy and will give you the inside track on what all the stores are buying.


A website dedicated to gifts that cannot be found on your local high street. This website offers useful categories to help you narrow down your search for the perfect gift.


This website is a global online retailer with affordable prices. Specializes particularly in wedding apparel but caters for most subjects. Good worldwide shipping.


The Reed Gift Fair website alerts you to any up and coming exhibitions for the company; one of Australia’s most successful trade fair brands. The company specializes in Gift, kitchen, homewares and jewellery and fashion.